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Nozbe – My productivity app of choice

I am a big fan of productivity. Probably more than actually being productive I like to try out new productivity apps and methods. After testing almost every app on the market, I finally settled on Nozbe. It perfectly follows a Getting Things Done methodology. And does so simply without having to come up with work arounds or being so cumbersome that you don’t want to use.

Here is a short introductory video on how to use the app:

If you would like to get started with Nozbe yourself, you can try it out for free here.

The free version only allows 5 Projects or Categories so you will likely want to upgrade but it is well worth it. Also, if you are planning or working together with a team, the ability to delegate and keep track of tasks is a nice feature.

Lastly, if you want to learn more about Getting Things Done, Nozbe’s founder, Michael Sliwinski, has put together a nice course that explains the basics.

Get your free Nozbe account here.

Comment below with your favorite productivity app and why you like it.